Taşev Glory Krep Tavası Titanyum Siyah 26 cm

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  • Product Description: Taşev Glory Crepe Pan is designed to add festivity to your breakfasts. With its vertical edges suitable for pouring pancakes, you will be able to make pancakes practically and quickly. With its cast aluminum structure and PFOA-free coating, Glory crepe pans are useful, durable and most importantly, healthy. You will want to make pancakes for every breakfast with the Glory Crepe pan, which is available in platinum gray and titanium black color options.
  • Size : 24X24X7CM
  • Size : 26x45x4 cm

  • The product is now available in Turkey.
  • You can order it now from your country and reach you after confirming the order within 7 to 15 days.
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