Delivery policy

Welcome to the SIO Market where a fleet of delivery experts are at your service

Because our customers' comfort and satisfaction are our most important goals, we have been care to provide professional delivery services to guarantee the best service and fastest delivery.

We know that product delivery is an essential part of the shopping process We are care to provide it with high quality according to the necessary accuracy and safety standards.

Our staff works in the Sio Market store and in our delivery companies during official business days From Sunday to Thursday from 9 am to 9 pm, Friday is a vacation for staff and certified delivery companies.

Trust we choose the best for you:

Sio Market delivers your orders with a fleet of delivery experts Additional delivery companies or individuals approved  may be used at peak times to deliver your orders in a right time.

How long does it take to deliver the products?

We strive for the delivery process to be done at the fastest speed, We seek harh to make the delivery process as fast as possible, where Sio Market's delivery approach:

·        Local products which are provide
: It is delivery on the next day or within 48 hours, depending on the geographical location of the applicant and the type of order.

·        International products: which are provided and imported  Requires from 7 : 14 days to arrive .

·        The customer can also specify the appropriate (right) day and time for delivery during the day, week or month.

·        Some orders may take an exceptional time for delivery more than the usual period, especially for products that are imported from abroad, When ordering the product, the store will automatically indicate the delivery and shipping process.

·        The product must be ordered at least a day before the time to be received So that the delivery team can provide the item, Taking into consideration that the time of application is during the official working days and times.

·        Some products may require a longer time to prepare depending on the nature of the product, and it may take up to one or several days.

·        If you want to order urgent products, Please contact customer service We will do our best to provide your request on time.

Delivery fees :

·        Delivery fee is riyal for ordering.

·        If a single product is ordered in several numbers in different orders, for each order, a separate invoice will appear, which means that each order has its own delivery fees, So make sure to order one product in its numbers in one order and one invoice.

·        Sio Market offers a subscription feature for periodic delivery, which provides daily, weekly or monthly delivery with a fixed and reduced subscription.

Instructions for receiving orders:

·        Your signature on the invoice copy will be required to confirm that you have received the products as shown on the invoice.

·        The delivery person may ask for identification, To receive the products.

·        The order will be delivered to the address registered in the order  and The signature of anyone present at this address is considered as your receipt of the order.

·        If no one is present at the Custom address for receiving - The company was not informed of this before it – so the customer will be responsible for the delivery charges for sending the order again.

·        Please contact customer service to change the time of receiving orders if an emergency occurs that makes it difficult to receive the order on indicated time.

·        The mission of Sio Market is to deliver the order completely safely without being damaged or stolen, The store disclaims all responsibility for the product after receiving it.


If you wish to cancel your order and exchange it, Please go to the return policy page and follow the steps listed there.

with taking into consideration that if your order has already been sent, which you want to cancel, you must wait for it to arrive to you and then follow the return procedures. (from here)  Return policy page link 

Our first mission is to provide you with the best online shopping experience, Therefore, we have facilitated the shipping and delivery process for you.shipping companies

We wish you a wonderful shopping experience