Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the First online shopping store 


We're pleased that you chose Sio Market as the best online store , and we would like to inform you that all terms and conditions stated on this page are rules governing work within the store between customers, traders and store management, applicable to all departments and branches.

We also confirm that your use of the store constitutes your acceptance of the following terms and conditions, If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, please don't use the store.

Note: The rules on this page may be updated from time to time by deletion, addition or modification, So please follow up on updates constantly, The modifications are effective as soon as they are posted on the store.

Terms of use of the store

It is required that visiting the site be under the supervision of parents or legal guardians for those not under the age of 18 years, Membership is only granted to those of legal age.

The store allows customers and visitors for the personal use of shopping and purchasing goods, The license or permission for commercial purposes is only granted after registration as a trader or exhibitor by us according to the terms and conditions organizing joining us.

Failure to commitment with any of the terms and conditions mentioned will lead to the cancellation or suspension of membership without notice to the subscriber because it is a clear breach of the store usage policy.

The store is not responsible for product descriptions or comments, But it is the completely responsibility of advertisers for the products, also comments holders are responsible for their personal opinions, which express their views.

The store may request some accurate information to allow you to use some features, This information is confidential and won't be viewed by anyone except the concerned authorities.

Keeping passwords, registration email and other ways  of properly determining the usage account, It is completly the user's responsibility.

All activities and transactions that occur using the user's password or account are the responsibility of the user, If the user notices any unauthorized activity, the store management must be informed immediately, The store is not responsible in any case, For any loss or damage of any kind that may result from your delay or failure to commitment with safety rules and protection for this section or the speed of communication with the management in this regard.

During the registration process, The customer can,  , agree to receive messages with offers and notifications via his e-mail, Or not receive those messages from the store, He can also canceling  of receiving messages from the store at any time later. 

User's posts

All user posts become the exclusive property of the store Once posted it, We mean by posts are all materials uploaded to the store Such as photos, product descriptions, comments, and responses, to name a few.

No fake email address may be used but, it is necessary to use correct personal mail and correct data, and not to claim or falsify personal data. 

Approval of requests and price details

The store management is completely free to accept or reject the submitted requests, She has the freedom to disclose the reasons for rejection, or to keep them and not to announce them.

To approve requests, additional information or other data may be required to verify something, including - for example, and not as a limitation - Phone number and address.

We are care to provide accurate information about product descriptions and quotations, but, some products may have an error so, the store has the right to reject or delete any product whose real or correct price has not been published. 

The store has the right to refuse or cancel any of the orders, The price wasn't specified precisely, The advertiser may be contacted to update prices or verify some prices.

Trademarks and copyrights

The store has the complete and exclusive right to owning all the media presented to him by providing him with known and internationally recognized intellectual property rights, This includes images, designs, articles, and various other forms of content.


In the case of any disputes or controversies between the advertiser and the buyer Or some disputes that result from a misinterpretation of the terms and conditions and their outcome, however the approved authority to adjudicate and rule on these disputes and settle them is an approved body subject to the rules governing these disputes in in England

The arbitrator can be an internationally recognized authority or person in these matters and trained in resolving these disputes and issues, It also requires the parties involved in the dispute to provide all information to the court with high transparency and without any manipulation.